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FCG Chartered Accountants

Certified Public Accountants of The Bahamas

Strives to provide premier financial consulting, audit and assurance and other related services

Our Service

Accounting Services

Periodical Accounts Closing: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual & Annual Closing Generating Trail Balance

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External Audit & Review Services

External Audit and Assurance Services Review Compliance & Business License and Tax Services

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Internal Controls, Inspections and Operational Manuals

Internal Control Analysis & Documentation Written Supervisory Procedures & Accounting Procedures Manual Preparation

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Liquidations, Assets Recovery and Accounting Services

Accounting and Compliance Services

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Financial Management Consultation

Financial Advisory & Consultation Legislation Advisory & Consultation

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Who we are

FCG is involved with the Bahamas Financial Service Board and The Bahamas Investments and Securities Business Association (BISBA) we are actively involved with committees including International Initiatives and the Professional Industry Work Group. SMS is registered with The Securities Commission Bahamas, The Compliance Commission Bahamas, and The Central Bank of The Bahama. Our Developing relationships include The New York State Board and The Florida Accounting Association. 

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Our history

FCG Chartered Accountants open its doors in March 2006, FCG started out as a small practice auditing Investment Funds from basic Portfolios and Equities & bonds to more complex investment funds such as Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, and Contracts for Difference. .

FCG became affiliated with FCG Latino American in June 2009. FCG is a member of the forum of firms of IFAC and therefore subject to IFACs qualifications and standards. FCG has been actively involved with accounting professions regionally and locally promoting standards in the profession. FCG is a licensed authorized agent of the Securities Commission Bahamas and The Compliance Commission of The Bahamas.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of FCG Chartered Accountants, to become the firm of choice in The Bahamas and will become internationally known for providing the best professional in auditing and consulting, by staying ahead of trends to meet and exceed, clients expectations through their unique combination of personal service and innovative expertise that exemplify the highest standards of professional service for our clients.

Mission Statement

FCG Chartered Accountants strives to provide specialized & premier financial consulting, audit and assurance and other related services, treat our clients with respect and professional courtesy, make our clients professional requirements a top priority and to remain intimately informed of clients industry related and company-specific details.

What To Expect With
FCG Chartered Accountants

  • To command the time and attention of one of the premier financial consultant and accounting firms in the country.
  • To be constantly and consistently treated with respect and professional courtesy.
  • To have your time, concerns, needs, and personal requirements made a top priority, whenever the need arises
  • To know your consultant will be intimately familiar with your business and will be both knowledgeable and experienced.